Alderney is one of the biggest islands in the British Channel. British Channel refers to a group of islands which are dependencies of the British Crown, but not a part of the United Kingdom. They are self-governed and have their own laws.
These islands enjoy the protection of Great Britain and are closely linked to the United Kingdom through close cultural and historical ties. They have recently developed as offshore financial centers and online gambling destinations.
Alderney is the premier gambling destination in the British Channel. What makes an Alderney Gambling License something to aspire for is that this gambling jurisdiction is white-listed by the UK Gambling Commission. Sites licensed in Alderney host their servers on another British Channel Island, Guernsey, which is more advanced and has a better infrastructure.
Both Alderney and Guernsey have an excellent telecommunication network and are connected very well to the UK, Europe, United States and Asia. The internet speeds are very high and quite reliable. Technologically, this online gambling host is second to none.
Only gambling operators that are licensed by the Alderney Gambling Law are permitted to carry out their operations from the island. Internet gambling has been made legal in Alderney through the passage of the Alderney eGambling Ordinance of 2006.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission [AGCC] is in charge of all gambling-related activities on the island. It was established in 2000 an apolitical body and has the role of regulating all online gambling operations in Alderney. The AGCC follows the highest international standards and ensures that all online casinos based out of Alderney treat all players with utmost fairness and transparency.
Players can make their complaints to AGCC regarding the working of an online casino hosted in Alderney. The regulatory body chooses to arbitrate a dispute between a player and an online casino within its jurisdiction if needed. Visit the official Alderney Gambling Control Commission website to know more about the organization or to get in touch with them.

Alderney Gaming Control Commission License

The Alderney Gaming Control Commission may issue two types of licenses – a Category 1 license for all Business to Consumer (B2C) operations and a Category 2 license for all Business to Business (B2B) operations.
Alderney has the reputation of being a very progressive gambling jurisdiction, one that is very proactive when it comes to protecting the interests of the players from all around the world that choose to participate in Alderney casinos.
The Alderney Gambling license covers a number of different gambling methods such as online casino, sports betting, poker and lottery. Dozens of online casinos have been issued the Alderney Gambling license. The advantage of this license is that these online casinos are white-listed by the UK Gambling Commission and are allowed to serve players from the UK and promote their services there.
There are also a number of economic advantages behind an Alderney eGambling Licence. Online casinos that have been issued this license can qualify for a tax-exempt status, wherein they are not required to pay income tax. Instead, they can pay a relatively small annual fee. Alderney does not have any tax – no VAT and no Sales Tax of any type. There are no duties applicable to the online casinos that operate out of here either.

Types of Gambling Licenses Issued by Alderney Gaming Control Commission

The Alderney Gaming Control Commission issues the following four types of gambling licenses…
*Full eGambling license
*Hosting certificate
*Associate certificate
*Restricted use eGambling license
Any gambling operator that holds the Alderney eGambling License has right to run any type of online gambling site, whether it is an online casino, a betting site, a lottery, gaming portal or a poker site.
The license can be obtained for an annual fee of £70,000 GBP. A detailed background check of the applicant will be carried out by the AGCC. The cost of the investigation has to be borne out by those applying for the Alderney Gambling License.