How Does Bancontact Work?

Bancontact or Mister Cash has a very simple mode of operation. This card is often associated with the Maestro debit card brand of MasterCard.
To get Bancontact, visit your local bank and find out if they provide this debit card or not. If yes, you can apply for this debit card to be handed out to you.
Depositing money with Bancontact is really very easy. Visit the online casino and find out if they accept Bancontact as one of the deposit options. You will find this information in the “credit/debit card” section.
If yes, then enter the details as asked for along with the exact amount that you would like to deposit. Immediately after that the funds are deducted from your bank account and deposited into the casino account.


Advantages of Bancontact

  • Instant Fund Transfer
    The biggest advantage of using debit cards such as Bancontact or Mister Cash is that they allow for trouble-free instant depositing. You only need to have the card set up first and once you do, you can make deposits quickly. There is no need for any third-party service and the verification process does not take too long.
  • Better money management
    Another huge advantage of using Bancontact is that you will have full control over how much you spend as the cards are closely linked to your bank account. You can choose how much money you want to use for online gambling. There is no risk of spending more than what you have in your bank account.

Disadvantages of Bancontact

  • Only for Belgian Players
    The biggest drawback of this deposit method is that it is only available too Belgian players. Residents of Belgium qualify for this debit card only. If you’re from outside Belgium, you should use some other debit card or deposit method.
  • Not 100% secure
    Another issue is that when you use this debit card, some of your personal or payment information is stored with the online casino. There is a risk that this information can get stolen. Even if the casino uses modern encryption methods, no system is 100% secure against hackers.