Free Spin bonuses are one of the most popular kinds of bonuses. Here at the US edition of Bonusho you will find the best and newest free spin bonuses for US players from trusted online casinos. All casinos and bonuses must meet the same strict requirements that we have for all casinos listed here at Bonusho. The term Free Spins has some different meanings depending on the case. But before we go into detail, we have created a list of the best Free Spin bonuses right now.

What are Free Spins?

Free Spin is a common feature in most online slots. However, in order to explain what Free Spins are, we need to quickly explain how online slots work. Slot games have been around for several decades in restaurants, bars and land-based casinos. You simply put a coin into the machine, press a button to spin a certain number of wheels with symbols on them. When all the wheels, or reels as they are called, stop – you may win – based on which symbols are displayed. The simplest machines have as few as three wheels and one line that can generate winnings.

As soon as people started playing casino online, it also began to pop up virtual and digital slots. Thanks to the technology, you could create more advanced slots with many more symbols, almost infinitely when you don’t have to take consideration towards a physical wheel. Today it is not uncommon that a slot has many lines as well as reels, or columns if you like to put it that way.

The number of lines that you can bet on, and thus play on more than one line, has also increased considerably. And also the number of opportunities to win. It’s also where free spins come into the picture.

Free Spins in Slot

So what happens when you get free spins in a slot? Instead of paying out a win in cash, you get free spins or bonus rounds in the game, which in return can either lead to more free spins or a real win! But also, free spins quickly became one of the most popular bonuses.

Free Spins as a bonus

The casinos quickly realized that free spins as a bonus were something that attracted players to their online casinos. Many casinos offer free spins when registering when making your first deposit or various forms of promotion campaigns. Free spins are also used frequently when the casino wants you to try out a new slot.

The free spin bonuses that can be found here is a mix of no deposit and free spins that you get with your first deposit. What they do have in common though, is that these bonuses are tailored for US casino players.

Free Spins is simply a free spin on a slot. But with the possibility of winning real money. But even if you can easily believe that free spins are exactly the same regardless of the casino, it is unfortunately not quite that easy. A casino that offers 10 free spins can have a better offer than another offering 100 free spins, especially when they come as a bonus. Before we go through this, we thought it would be better to explain a bit more about how free spin bonuses are usually designed.

Free Spin Bonuses

There are, as mentioned, many different forms of free spin bonuses out there, and now we are about to go through the most common and the most popular ones.

Free Spins on deposit

The absolute most common form of a free spin bonus is the ones that require a deposit. The benefits of these are that you usually get more free spin than with any other form of free spin bonus and that the terms tend to be better compared to those who do not require a deposit. The most common terms for this kind of bonus are that any winnings are subject to a wagering requirement. As a rule of thumb, a wagering requirement of 35 times is quite good and very common.

Free Spins No Deposit

Not quite as common as getting free spins with a deposit, but definitely common enough and one of the most coveted forms of bonuses. The only thing required is that you create an account, or log in if it is a casino without registration. That is all it takes to get your hands on the free spins. The drawbacks with this kind of bonus are that you rarely get as many free spins as with a deposit. Also, this kind of bonuses is often subject to strict terms and conditions.

Free Spins No Deposit – Keep what you win

This bonus is similar to the above, free spins with no deposit required. However, the difference is that any winnings are free from any wagering requirements, so you will be able to withdraw any winnings directly. These bonuses are quite rare and very popular. Usually, they are limited to very few markets, such as US, amongst some others. The only downside we see with this type of bonus is that you may be missing out on other bonuses that the casino offers, such as the deposit bonus. As some casinos only allow you to choose one bonus when registering or depositing.


As mentioned, it is common to get free spins in the form of a campaign. At some casinos, it happens on a regular basis. Might be on a weekly or a monthly basis for example. Some others may give out free spins because a new slot game has been released. Different terms apply to different casinos, some can give out free spins, on the terms like the bonus above. In other cases, these promotion campaigns might be subject to terms and conditions, such as a wagering requirement.

The value of the Free Spins

Many players are chasing free spins, only looking at the number of free spins you will get. It certainly does not have to be wrong, because the more free spins, the longer you can play.

But if you have to make a deposit to get your free spins, it may be interesting to know what the actual value of a spin is worth. This information should be found at the casino, but usually, you have to read the fine print of the terms and conditions. Usually, it states how much a free spin is worth, translated into US dollars.

For example, if one casino gives away 10 free spins with a value of $ 2 and another casino gives away 150 free spins at a value of 10 cents, the first offer is equal to $ 20 whilst the other offer only equals to $ 15.

But on the other hand, 150 free spins will last almost 8 times as long as 10 free spins. And casino online is all about having fun, so what you prefer as a player is obviously up to you.

That’s why Free Spins are so popular

There are several success stories about players who have managed to transformed free spins into unprecedented wins. One of the most famous stories is from 2011 and is about a 20-year-old student from western Norway who logged into his casino account and had received 10 free spins deposited into the account. He won equivalent to a few dollars, which he then bet on the NetEnt slot Mega Fortune. At the time being the jackpot had reached a record amount, and the Norwegian student won an incredible 11.9 million euros, equivalent to approximate 18 million US dollars. At the time this was the biggest win from an online casino in Europe.

Speculations that free spins would be useless is far from true. And especially no deposit free spins, and particularly those without any wagering requirements, is one of the best bonuses one can find. Especially if you are a player residing in US.

Real Spins, Cash Spins and Bonus Rounds

Free spins come under many different names, depending on the casino. You’ll find everything from Real Spins, Cash Spins, Bonus Spins and Bonus Rounds among casino various promotions. For example, Real Spins and Cash Spins usually mean that they are not subject to any wagering requirements. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that is the case, but something you have to read in the fine prints of the terms.