Cryptocurrency casinos such as Litecoin casinos are discrete, safe, secure and allow you to deposit or withdraw your winnings quickly, anytime, anywhere. There are a growing number of Litecoin casinos out there, they are popular with players from around the world. Let’s find out what makes these online casinos tick.

Introducing Litecoin, Bitcoin’s Little Brother

The incredible success of Bitcoins has inspired the launch of many cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin and Litecoin. Litecoin was launched in 2011, just 3 years after the launch of Bitcoins. It has gone on to become one of the most popular Bitcoin alternatives.
Litecoin is valued at $55.81 right now and has a market cap of $2.98 billion. It has been received warmly by the online gambling community, who see it as a decent alternative to Bitcoins.
The issue with Bitcoins is that they are overpriced– Bitcoins recently hit a value of $5,000 – which makes them out of reach for an average casino player. That’s why there is a need to look for alternatives and Litecoin fit the mold nicely.
Litecoin can be exchanged in the same manner as the US dollar or the Euro. It is not as volatile as Bitcoin and is not subjected to the same type of daily price fluctuations. So Litecoin owners have a better control over their investment and can project what the cryptocurrency is going to be worth looking ahead a few weeks or months into the future with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

What’s Special About Litecoin?

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency or cryptocurrency much in the same manner as Bitcoins. You can make use of Litecoins for making fast transactions without any additional cost, as with a traditional currency. There is no reason to pay any interest to a bank as banks have nothing to do with this cryptocurrency.
It is not controlled by any government, central bank, organization or financial institution. Litecoins are based on an open source network for global payments. This means, only you and other individual Litecoin owners like you who have the full authority over this currency. Its value will depend entirely on how the market perceives it to be.
This is free market capitalism at its best, which is why Litecoin casinos are preferred by online gamblers across the world, much more so than online casinos that accept payments only in traditional currencies.

How to Choose the Right Litecoin Casino?

Not all Litecoin casinos provide the same benefits when it comes to bonuses, games, free spins or the quality of the support. Some offer more benefits compared to others. Some online casinos may not be up to the mark, and could be a waste of your time. Let’s make it easier for you to choose the right Litecoin casino. Follow the tips given here.
*Trust but Verify – The very first thing is to check the reputation and website ranking of the Litecoin casino. Does it have a positive reputation in the online gambling community?
*Quality of the Support – What about the reputation of the support? Is the support known to be friendly and responsive to players and their concerns? Do they resolve disputes quickly and efficiently?
*Security – What sort of protection does the casino have for players? Just how secure is the online casino? Can they guarantee that your privacy will be fully protected and that none of your information gets leaked out?
*Payment Protocols – What are the payment protocols in place? Is the payment gateway secure? Can you be sure that your payment information is protected? Litecoin makes online transactions really easy and is secure for the most part. So the security of the payment system should not be too much of an issue.
*Bonuses – What about the bonuses available? Does the casino offer cash on deposit, free spins, freerolls and free bonuses? Be careful when it comes to rewards and bonuses as there are some scam casinos that entice players with unbelievable bonuses only to rob them of their money.
You will find a list of the best Litecoin casinos on this website, which have been reviewed and thoroughly vetted by our staff.