How Does American Express Work?

American Express works in the same manner as any credit card. It allows used to make payments on credit and then pay the outstanding balance at the end of the month.
It is a convenient deposit method for players at online casinos. American Express credit cards are provided by many banks and other financial institutions around the world.
Using American Express is very easy. Just log in to the casino, go to the payment gateway and find the American Express icon there. If this icon is available then you can make the payment by using the credit card number, your name, the CVV2 code and complete the transfer. The money gets transferred to your account at the online casino immediately.

Advantages of American Express

  • Quick and Easy
    American Express credit cards are very convenient as a deposit method. You will have access to all the funds you need and make the payment quickly. There is no need to sign up for a third-party service. This ensures that none of your data gets leaked and there are no fraudulent charges of any sort.
  • Secure
    American Express has excellent security protocols. It is one of the most secure credit cards. Even if you were to lose money because of credit card phishing or such frauds, you don’t have to worry as your money is reimbursed immediately.

Disadvantages of American Express

  • No access for U.S. players
    The only real issue you may have is if you’re from the United States. American Express strictly prohibits its American customers from using their credit cards as a deposit method at online casinos. This is because of the UIGEA regulations of 2006 that prohibits U.S. citizens from using the money from their bank accounts for gaming transactions.
  • Withdrawal not possible
    American Express can only be used as a deposit method. You cannot use it to make withdrawals from your casino account. For this, you will need an e-wallet or make use of traditional methods such as a cheque or bank wire transfer.