More and more US players to be, want to try out gambling as a form of entertainment or relaxation. A good way to get started is to start low and slow, and what’s better to just deposit a small amount to see if online gambling, or this new casino you have found, is for you or not. There are several ways to do this which we will cover in this guide, but the main focus is $5 deposit US casinos. Here you will find legal and US regulated online casinos which only require you to deposit $5 or less.

Minimum Deposit 5 Dollar Casino US

There are several reasons to go for a 5 dollar minimum deposit US casino, all of them as good as the others. It might be that you don’t want to spend a lot on a casino you never tried before, that you don’t like no deposit bonuses or casino bonuses in general. It might be as easy as your budget for gambling is limited to $5. When it comes to gambling budgeting is key.

A 5 minimum deposit casino is not super easy to find and can be considered quite uncommon, but they are more common than 1 deposit casinos after all. The reason that there’s a minimum deposit limit on online casinos is because all online transactions come with some sort of fee. It’s not like paying with cash in a store, where you can find something as cheap as a penny, or at least a few.

Although there’s a lot of penny slots out there, there’s not really any casinos accepting deposits low as a penny. There might be some exceptions within crypto gambling, but that’s another story.

5 deposit casino bonus

There are casino bonuses available at most casinos online, minimum deposit 5 dollar casino is no exception. Most casinos offering a minimum deposit of 5 dollars offers a welcome or first deposit bonus to new US players. But there’s not always the minimum deposit is enough for you to claim the bonus.

Several casinos require you to deposit $10, $20 or more to be able to claim the casino bonus of that casino. Others though, will give you a bonus for a deposit as little as 5 dollars. Except for this, there’s not really anything special about a casino bonus at a 5 dollar min. deposit casino.

Be sure to get the most out of your dollars

The first thing you should make sure is that the casino you are signing up with accepts dollars ($/USD), assuming you are British since you are reading our US guide. If the casino you are signing up with doesn’t accept dollars you might lose a lot of your deposit in fees and bad exchange rates.

Secondly, you should make sure that you are using a deposit method without fees, or at least very low fees. Otherwise, you might lose on your deposit here as well. Different payment methods charge you differently, but this is usually stated by the casino.

5 Deposit Casinos US vs No Deposit Bonus Casinos

If you have read this far you might wonder why we haven’t really talked about no deposit bonuses yet. If the reason is to gamble cheap, why don’t go for the free option.

Don’t get us wrong, we think that US no deposit bonuses are great! But as with all bonuses they come with pros and cons. The pros with a no deposit bonus is obviously that you don’t need to register. But the cons might be complicated bonus terms.

If you want to gamble a little now and then, and want to have the chance to maybe take home some winnings every now and then. Then it might make perfect sense to avoid terms such as wagering requirements. Unless the bonus is wager free of course. But making an active choice not to sign up using a bonus offer you will avoid capped winnings or wagering requirements for sure.

What 5 dollars can buy you

Most people can probably afford to gamble with 5 British dollars every once in a while, but you should always see anything you deposit into a casino as a cost. Money you will never see again. That being said, $5 for an hours entertainment isn’t too expensive. Five dollars might get you five cups of coffee, a cheap lunch or maybe a pint or two.

At an online casino, five dollars might also give you 500 spins on a penny slot.