The most common match bonus to date is the 100% match deposit bonus. We have looked at the best 100% match deposit bonuses in the US. The concept is very simple, whatever you will deposit, the casino will match it up to a certain limit. Most casinos also have a lower limit, a minimum deposit to be able to take part of the bonus offer.

The well known 100% bonus

Whilst most online casino players probably have seen a 100% bonus before, some of you might be new to the world of gambling. US match bonuses have been around since online casinos first saw their light in the 90s. This kind of welcome offer is really simple, the casino will match your deposit up to a certain amount. Match bonuses come in a lot of different percentages, such as 50%, 100%, 200%, 300% and some even higher. Whilst the 100% bonus is by far the most common, the 200% bonus seems to be the most popular one among US gamblers. But this guide is all about the 100% bonus.

The amount the casino is willing to match differs between different casinos, but the most common amount is 100 dollars, 100% up to $100. But we have seen match bonuses reaching up to several thousand.

How does 100% deposit bonus casinos in the US work?

The casino offers found here is only first deposit bonuses which means you have to be a newly registered player, and you also need to be living in the US. It’s a way for the online casino to attract new players and give them more money to play with, which will also make your stay longer so to say.

A 100% casino bonus means they double your deposit, that means you put in $100 you will get another $100 as a bonus with a total bankroll of $200 to play with.

A 200% casino bonus on the other hand, means they triple your deposit. In the case of depositing $100 you would have $300 to gamble with. There are other match bonuses as well except for welcome and first deposit bonuses. Some casinos have other kinds of bonuses where the casino also offers to match a deposit made by a player, so-called retention bonuses for example. Like most bonuses, these usually come with wagering requirements. It might also be good to check out whether it’s a sticky or a non-sticky bonus. The latter is to prefer.

Pros and Cons with a 100% casino welcome bonus

Like with any other bonus there’s an upside and a downside. There’s mostly upsides with a welcome bonus, especially if you are a new player that wants to get some more insights into gambling. Then a 100% bonus is also a good choice since they are usually quite easy to understand and pretty straight forward.


  • Easy to find
  • Popular choice among US Players
  • Reasonable wagering requirements


  • Less bonus money, compared to 200% bonuses