How Does How Euro6000 Work?

To access Euro6000, you will need to have an account with any of the banks that are a part of its network. If you don’t have an account yet, submit your application to a nearby Spanish bank that has partnered with Euro6000. You will get your card in about 7 to 10 business days.
Once you get a Euro6000 card, using it as a deposit method is really easy. You can use this card to make a deposit at any casino accepting Euro6000, quickly and easily. Just enter the amount you want to deposit, along with the credit card details. The money is transferred almost instantly.

Top Euro6000 Casinos:

Advantages of EURO 6000

  • Perfect for Spanish Players
    Euro6000 is one of the most convenient payment options for Spanish players that want to participate in online casinos. It is easy to use; fast, convenient and flexible, and most importantly reliable. Also, if you have an account in any of the banks that are a part of the Euro6000 network, getting this credit card is very easy.
  • No transaction fees
    You will not be charged any transaction fee for using Euro6000 to make a deposit at a casino of your choice. This is certainly a major advantage.

Disadvantages of EURO 6000

  • Not 100% Secure
    Euro6000 has the same problem that every credit card and debit card service has, when used as a deposit method at an online casino. It’s not 100% safe. When you use this credit card to transfer your funds to an online casino, you will be required to enter your credit card number and other details. This information will be stored by the casino. If the casino was to get hacked by chance – which can happen – then there is a risk that your information would get stolen.
  • Not a Withdrawal Method
    EURO 6000 cannot be used as a withdrawal method. This has nothing to do with EURO 6000 in particular; this is a limitation with every credit card service. If you want to withdraw your winnings from a casino, use wire bank transfer or an e-wallet solution.