Casinos Accepting FundSend

FundSend is a popular online payment solution that combines the best features of e-Wallets and credit cards. It is as easy to use as a credit card and offers the security, privacy, and discretion of an e-wallet.
There are over 45 online casinos accepting FundSend as a deposit method. These casinos allow players from around the world to make instant deposits to their casino accounts using FundSend, provided they are from an eligible nation or jurisdiction.

How Does FundSend Work?

FundSend is only a small start-up that was founded recently. So far, they have limited their online payment processing services to only a few countries such as Brazil, Denmark, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden and the UK.
If you’re a resident of any of these countries, you can use FundSend as a way to deposit money into a participating online casino.
Signing up with FundSend is easy enough. You will first need to complete a simple registration process on their website and start making the deposits.
Go to the payment gateway of the casino, choose FundSend and enter the amount to be deposited along with the other details. You will be taken to the FundSend for further verification. Here you can enter your credit card details securely and complete the fund transfer.


Advantages of FundSend

  • Simple Registration Process
    FundSend has a very simple registration process where you’re not asked to go through too many steps for the verification of your identity. FundSend is a small but smart start-up, so they keep things simple.
  • Extra Layer of Security
    FundSend is a very secure deposit method as it adds an extra level of security between yourself and the casino. None of your sensitive credit card information is revealed to the casino – all of it stays with FundSend only. The casino only has access to your FundSend ID. So even if your casino account was to get hacked, there is no risk of losing any important personal or financial data.

Disadvantages of FundSend

  • Limited Service
    As said earlier, FundSend is only available to the residents of the following countries: Brazil, Denmark, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden and the UK. They are a small start-up and will take some time before they expand their services to include most of the countries around the world. If you’re not from one the countries mentioned here, you will have to look for another e-wallet solution or a popular credit card such as Visa or MasterCard.
  • Not Exactly an e-Wallet
    You cannot call FundSend an e-wallet solution. Why? By definition, an e-wallet solution is a deposit method which holds your money in a virtual wallet. You cannot keep any money with FundSend, you can only use it as an extra security layer to process your credit card payments or internet bank transfers.