Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency and a payment protocol introduced in 2012 by Ripple Labs, a San Francisco-based start-up. Ripple Labs has built a currency exchange system and payment network called RippleNet, where Ripple is the currency used to execute the transactions. Ripples currency code is XRP.

Ripple quickly took a position in the top 5 among the largest cryptocurrencies and has since then been lying there steadily. Ripple has been holding the position as the second largest cryptocurrency a few times, seen to its market cap, only beaten by Bitcoin. It makes it one of the most popular digital currencies.

However, Ripple (XRP) differs in several ways from Bitcoin. Ripple is centralized and is entirely governed and controlled by Ripple Labs and its owners. Many critics argue that this is their weakness. However, when it comes to actual transactions, Ripple beats many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Ripple transactions are very fast. A typical transaction takes less than 4 seconds, with over 1000 transactions being processed per second on the network.
Ripple Labs is also recognized by several leading financial institutions. It is a top supplier of blockchain technology and has some of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions as its customers. This makes Ripple an excellent payment method for anything, including depositing into a casino.

Are Ripple Casinos Legal?

The legislation about Ripple casinos is complex, but generally speaking, it is legal to play on Ripple casinos, if gambling online is legal in the country you live. One should also add that holding and trading with Ripple also need to be legal, if XRP is the means of payment to be used.

The legislation on Ripple and other cryptocurrencies differ widely throughout the world, but in, for example, Europe and North America there are no bans on cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, there are various forms of regulations.

Which Ripple casino is the best?

In terms of Ripple’s size, the XRP casinos are still a relatively unusual phenomenon. Especially if you look at Ripple’s size compared to Bitcoins size, and the number of Bitcoin casinos compared to Ripple (XRP) casinos. You will soon notice that you will find a fraction of the amount compared to Bitcoin Casinos.

With a reasonably scarce supply, we obviously recommend the operators who are regulated, that is, have a gaming license issued by an authority. There are also so-called dice games, which are very popular in crypto gambling, but far from all are regulated.

What about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies Like Ripple?

Ripple’s value is partly governed by supply and demand, but the supply itself is controlled by Ripple Labs. Like most cryptocurrencies, it is not backed up by gold or other physical reserves, but on the other hand not many traditional currencies are neither. Although, Dollar or Japanese Yen, for example, are backed by central banks, so they are still safer. Ripple’s value is based entirely on what the market thinks, where millions of investors, big and small, speculate.
You should be aware that there are risks investing in Ripple as it is very volatile, like other cryptocurrencies. And before you choose to play at a Ripple casino, you should also be aware that the value of traditional currency may change quite a bit while playing, regardless of you winning or losing at the casino. Try to follow the market, follow some experts on social media and keep up to date with the latest news, however, take everything with a pinch of salt as there are also individuals who want to spread false information for their own gain.

What you need to know about playing at Ripple Casinos

  • Playing at a Ripple Casino is about the same as playing at a Bitcoin Casino. The important thing is to always know your limits. You should decide before hand how long to play and, above all, how much you should spend. Knowing when it is time to fold is important. Whether it’s an XRP Casino or another form of casino, you can’t find systems or predictable patterns.
  • Find out if any kind of bonus is offered. Deposit bonuses are the most common form offered. If the casino has one or more bonuses, an extra deposit bonus on your second, third and/or fourth deposit is not unusual.
  • Pay attention to the Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy of the Ripple Casino that you choose to spend your time on. Make sure you read everything, including the fine print. Something you should look for is the Bonus Terms if you intend to use a casino bonus.
  • What games are available at the crypto casino? You should at least expect to be able to choose at least one handful of popular casino games like craps, baccarat, 3D slots, progressive jackpots, blackjack, roulette, video games, video poker, table poker and much more.
  • Find out if there are any crypto games you can play. Are you making bets in Ripple/XRP or do you bet with a traditional currency?
  • Do they have any loyalty program? What rewards do you offer to loyal players? In general, online casinos offer various forms of rewards, bonuses and other incentives to players who play there for a long time. The more you play the bigger the reward you usually expect to get.


The most important thing is to find out which jurisdiction the casino falls under? There are some jurisdictions like the UK, Malta, Gibraltar and especially Curacao that are common to online casinos. The advantage of a casino with a license is that it comes with some protection for players and some also handle player fees made against the casino. You will also find more information on different jurisdictions on this site. We also made a list of the best Ripple Casinos.