How Does Laser Work?

Laser works in the same manner as any debit card. It is only provided by National Irish Bank, which is the leading bank in Ireland. So, if you have an account with National Irish Bank, you will get the Laser debit card automatically, without even having to apply for it.
There are not many casinos accepting Laser as a deposit method. Generally, any online casino that targets Irish players offers Laser as one of the premier deposit methods.
If your casino offers Laser as a deposit method, then transferring money to your casino account should be quite easy. Just enter your debit card details along with the amount to be transferred and complete the deposit. This is as easy as it gets.”]

Top Laser Casinos:

Advantages of Laser

  • Flexible and Convenient
    Laser is one of the easiest deposit methods out there. It is flexible and convenient and allows for instant money transfer. You don’t need to go through any lengthy verification process and there is no need to sign up with the third-party.
  • Instant Fund Transfer
    Another big advantage of Laser is that it allows you to transfer money from your bank account to casino account at the speed of a laser beam – it’s really very fast.

Disadvantages of Laser

  • Not 100% Secure
    Like all debit cards, Laser is not 100% secure as it requires you to disclose sensitive personal and payment information to the casino you’re playing at. Normally this should not be an issue, but remember, no casino is completely safe from hackers. There is always some element of risk involved. Find out about the casino’s security protocols before playing with real money.
  • Can not Be Used as Withdrawal Method
    The main problem with using debit cards such as Laser at online casinos is that you cannot use them to withdraw your winnings. Laser is a very good deposit method but cannot be used as a withdrawal method. To withdraw your winnings, you will need to use a third-party service such as an e-wallet solution, or wire bank transfer. Some casinos prefer to use the traditional paper cheques for this purpose.