Several new casinos are opening their doors for the first time every month! In US more and more, new online casinos are providing casino players residing in US great new gambling experiences. This is the New Casino page at the US edition of Bonusho where we list the newest casinos and the newest bonuses. On this page we only list casinos with a gambling license compliant with US laws. If you are not from US, just navigate to your country by clicking the flag. If you can’t find your country, don’t worry! Read the review of the casino, most of the casinos accepts players from various countries.

The reasons to try out a new casino are many, but from experience, we do know one of the main reasons is to make use of a fresh welcome bonus. That’s also why we always display the the first deposit bonus as well as the wagering requirements in our listings.

So that’s it? Are new casinos only for bonus hunters? We don’t think so – after reading this guide you will have more reasons for sure to start looking for new operators even more often!

Bonus Hunt – New Casinos, New Bonuses

That said, the most obvious reason, or at least the most common reason for choosing a new casino, is to use the casino bonus which has more or less become the standard of casinos today. The number of casinos that do not offer any bonus can be counted on a hand or two. This is a guide to new casinos, so we will not dive deep into the topic of casino bonus, we already do this here. But we will still go through briefly what you should think about when choosing a bonus.

A casino bonus is also what differentiates a casino the most from one market to another. Let us explain. Most casinos do accept players from various countries, and no matter where you live you will most likely find the exactly the same range of slots and other casino games. But the bonus offer from the casino will be very different from one country to another. US casino players are usually offered very good bonuses, when it comes to both deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. Check out this page for the best No Deposit Bonuses in US.

Sign Up Bonus

Dear child has many names. Registration Bonus, No Deposit, Free Money etc. If the casino has a registration bonus, it is almost always just to say thank you and accept, no matter how bad the conditions are. A registration bonus is exactly what it sounds like, you get a bonus as soon as you have created an account. Sometimes you get free spins. Sometimes you get the money to spend any way you want, or almost any way you want. However, these bonuses can come with bad terms and conditions, such as a cap on how much winnings and profit you can cash out. But on the other hand, this is a completely free casino bonus. Just make sure you understand the terms and conditions and you won’t get disappointed. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus is what it sounds like, a bonus on your deposit. Four quick points that we think you should keep track of when choosing a casino based on their deposit bonus.

The amount, the first most players check on, is the number of zeros in the bonus, and of course, the number in front of them. The amount is clearly interesting, but what is more important is what follows. Percentage, turnover requirement and if it’s sticky or a non-sticky bonus.

The percentage, with how many percent does the casino match your deposit? The higher the percentage, the better in most cases. A 100% match is most common and means that they double the amount you deposit.

Turnover requirements, definitely the most important along with the last point if you hope to cash out any possible winnings. It is the number of times you have to turn your winnings. Common to a casino bonus is, for example, a 35 time turnover. Then it is important to check whether the wagering requirement is only the bonus amount, or if it concerns the amount deposited and the bonus, more about that down under.

The Non-Sticky Bonus or Parachute Bonus is, together with the previous point, the two most important things to keep your eyes on. With a non-sticky or parachute bonus, your deposited money and bonus money are kept separate by the casino. When you first play you lose your deposited money, and with a good non-sticky bonus, this profit is ready to cash out or withdraw – without the tricky turnover requirements. If, on the other hand, you lose all your money, it is now you start using the bonus money. If you win with the bonus money, it is normally now the wagering requirement is applied so to speak. One trend we have seen is that more and more new casinos opt for non-sticky bonuses rather than a sticky bonus where both your deposited money and the bonus are covered by the wagering requirement.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback is a variation of a bonus, but you will not receive any money on deposit. The money will only be paid out if you lose. The terms for cashback, or money back which it’s also known as, vary just like any bonus.

A less good cashback bonus comes with high turnover requirements. A good cashback bonus lets you cash out as soon as the money is showed in your account. The percentage on cashback bonuses varies, but often around 10% is repaid.

If you want to read more about bonuses you do it as mentioned over here.

Payment Options

New casinos usually offers new payment options. Whilst some of the old operators can sit back and focus on their current base of casino players, new ones usually find problems to solve. Before we give you some examples, we just want to point out that this is not always the case. However, when a new casino launches it’s quite often by experienced people from the casino industry that knows what payment options are requested by the players.
For US casinos we have seen a lot of new payment methods being requested by players from US. It ranges from mobile payment solutions to various cryptocurrency based systems.

New US casinos are usually in the forefront when it comes to payment processing. But also innovation in general, which takes us to our next point.


If you are an experienced player you have probably noticed at this point that most casinos have more or less the same range of games. Until a few years ago it felt like most casinos offered exactly the same thing, the only thing that separated them from each other was the logo and some colours.

But a few years ago something happened. Several casinos began to be gamified and the first casino adventures saw the light of day. Gamifying is when you add an extra level of gaming events on top of so to speak. Typical gamifying elements include things such as badges, rewards and level ups.

One example is that you play a certain slot game and get a reward or unlock something when something specific happens, or a special event occurs. It might be that a certain symbol has been shown, that you have clicked the spin button a certain number of times or that the bonus game gets enabled.

Then you go climb the level the same way as in an old classic computer game. Some have gone so far that there are even bosses that you have to cope with.

You should, of course, ask yourself whether this is something that you think enhances your gaming experience and makes it more fun. If you do think that and never have tested a new casino, you might want to give this kind of casino a shot. You find a full list under casino adventures.

Of course, this is just one of several examples of innovation, but like everything else in life – if you never test something new you never get to experience anything new.

Customer Support and Reception

This is certainly not true in all cases, but we still want to believe that new casinos that have the ambition to be long-lasting also have as an ambition to provide better service than the competition.

To take an example of a trend that took many years before it arrived was quick withdrawals. Once you have won money in a casino, you probably want to be able to withdraw the money into your account in a smooth and fast way, especially if you have won a larger amount of money.

As obvious as it is might be for you as a player, one might think that it was just as obvious for the casinos to prioritize, but that is not the case. Of course there’s casinos that have been around for a long time offering this to stand out from the crowd, but it is not long since many of the other casinos joined in on this.

Casinos without registration or no account casinos are also growing in popularity among new casinos in US. Technically, there is an account, but you as a player hardly notice it as the whole process is so streamlined. In Europe eg. this is done through services like Trustly and Entercash.

Mail, Phone or Chat – The more the merrier?

Many newly started casinos may not offer support and customer service via both mail, phone and chat as this mean extra operating costs for each channel to keep open. We think, however, that it is more important that the support and customer service that is available works well. Both mail and telephone support can be perceived as a bit outdated in our opinion. We think that a well-functioning live chat in English (or your preferred language) that is open around the clock is worth far more than, for example, mail or an overloaded phone line. Or what do you think?

Newest Casino – The safest casino?

So after reading this guide about new casinos, you have probably got the impression that new casinos always are safe and reliable? We wish we could say that this is the reality, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes a rotten apple makes it into the basket. So last but not least, check for the following things so you will be able to feel safe in the choice of casino site:

  • License, this is probably the most important point. Does the casino have a license, and if so, where are they licensed? If you are a resident of US, you should always choose casinos with a license from a trusted overseas jurisdiction which is compliant with US law, which makes it a legal online casino operator in US. In most countries and especially European countries, a Maltese Gaming license is usually enough but always check out what the law says in your particular region.
  • Bonusho, of course we think you should check out our database of reviews before you choose operator – we do our best to keep it updated with honest reviews. As you probably have seen, we do not recommend every single casino we stumble upon. Should you not find the casino with us, it may be that we missed it, or it may be that it is a rogue casino operator. Then check out the next point.
  • Google, you’ve probably heard it before, but the fact is that Google is your friend. If the casino is not available with us, search the casino in combination with a review or something like that. Usually, the results served is accurate enough to know if the operator is rogue or not. However, remember to actually read the reviews and not just check out the ratings. Many casinos receive unprecedented bad ratings when people lose instead of winning, but that’s how a casino works.