How Does a Bank Draft Work?

If you want to use bank draft as a deposit method, then you should mail the physical bank draft with the said amount to a casino. Or, you could electronically transfer funds to any casino account. As long as you have a sufficient amount of money in your bank account, this can be done easily – you only need to leave an instruction with your banker.
Just make sure that you have the right address and business name when mailing out the bank draft to the online casino in question. Many postal companies offer a tracking service, so that you can track the movement of the physical mail.

Top Bank Draft Casinos:

Advantages of Bank Draft

  • Simple
    The single biggest reason to use bank draft as a deposit method is because it is simple. Anyone can use this method to send money to an online casino. All you need is a bank account.
  • No Third-Parties Involved
    There is no third-party payment processor involved in the transaction. So your data is protected and your privacy is guaranteed.

Disadvantages of Bank Draft

  • Slow
    It takes several days for the online casino to receive the bank draft if you send it to them by mail. So it will take a lot of time before you get to play at the casino.
  • Cumbersome
    It can take many days for the funds from the bank draft to clear. This is a major issue. This explains why there are only a few casinos accepting bank draft as a deposit method.