We are happy that you have found your way to the Casino Bonus page at the US edition of Bonusho. Here are the best US Casino Bonuses currently out there, but if you are not from the US – don’t you worry! Just click your country flag or choose a casino that seems most appealing, most of them accept players from various corners of the world. The casino bonuses found here though, are all from casinos licensed by a trustworthy licensor and are compliant with US laws. They are also accepting US dollars, all for the convenience for US players.

Why using a casino bonus?

This is actually a really relevant question because there are several reasons not to use a bonus when signing up on a new casino. But there’s also a lot of reasons to use one. Don’t worry, we will guide you through so you can choose a really good bonus and don’t make the mistake so many casino players have done before you.

  1. The bonus terms are the main reason to use or not to use a casino bonus. The wagering requirements are the most important factor to look into.
  2. Your bonus might affect your initial deposit in a negative manner. A lot of bonuses are designed so the wagering requirements affect both your deposit and the bonus amount.
  3. Make sure that the bonus is actual money and not play money.

So if you are winning after have used a bonus, it might be hard to collect all of your winnings immediately due to the wagering requirements. On the other hand, if you are winning playing with your last tenner after depositing a hundred and receiving another hundred in bonus, maybe you wouldn’t have won in the first place.

That being said – a casino bonus comes with both an upside and a downside, and every now and then you stumble upon a really good one.

US Registration bonus – No deposit required

These bonuses are quite unusual and are usually restricted to a few countries – how come? Well, all bonuses are offered to attract new players to their online establishment. To be frank – players from certain countries are more likely to spend more money on the online casinos, whilst others might only be in it for the free money. As with all bonuses, there are different variations of these bonuses but what they do have in common is as long you are meeting the requirements such as holding a residency from a certain country all you need to do is to create an account with the casino in question.

Fortunately, the US market is one of the more common ones to offer no deposit bonuses towards their new players. Several of the US casinos listed here have registration bonuses to attract new players to their online casinos.

These bonuses are usually a lot smaller than a signup or reload bonus, basically, for the reason it’s money given away for free.

What to look for in a No Deposit Bonus


  • Real money. Make sure it’s actually real money. Some bonuses are so called play money and any winnings are not eligible for withdrawal.
  • Wagering Requirements. Well, since it’s free money (or Free Spins) it’s not as important to look at the wagering requirements.


Welcome and Deposit Bonuses for US

Commonly known as a first deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like. You get a bonus for making your first deposit into an online casino. The most common version of this kind of bonus is the so-called match bonus. The casino matches your first deposit, usually with a certain percentage.

The most common percentage is for sure 100% – you deposit $/฿ 100 and they give you an extra $/฿ 100 (well, we haven’t seen a Bitcoin bonus that high in a long time, but you get the point). But a lot of different percentages, from 50% up to thousands, are out there.

These bonuses almost always come with a wagering requirement (we are looking into wagering requirements in detail further down) and that’s what differentiates a good bonus from a bad from a super good, from a super bad. If you find one without a wager requirement (and it’s not play money) it’s a super good bonus for sure.

As a rule of thumb, US casinos offers a quite high amount compared to less fortunate countries. But the really high bonuses offered to people residing in US also, as a rule of thumb, comes with higher wagering requirements.

Non-sticky and parachute bonuses

Non-sticky bonuses, or parachute bonuses are becoming more and more common. These bonuses mean that you first play for your own deposited money and would you win whilst doing this, there’s no wagering requirements on the winnings. Once you have finished playing with your own money, you start playing using the bonus money instead. If you would win playing with the bonus money, however, they might be affected by a wagering requirement. The opposite of a non-sticky bonus or a parachute bonus is that both your deposited money and the bonus money gets added to the same wallet and the total amount is subject to the terms and the wagering requirement.

This is a trend we see coming more and more in US and various other markets as well. For you as a player, this is a very positive development.

What to look for in a First Deposit Bonus

  • Bonus type. If you intend to use a match bonus, it is worth checking out whether the bonus is a so called non-sticky or a parachute bonus. If that’s the case, there’s almost no reason to say no to such bonus. Otherwise, check the points below.
  • Wagering Requirements. When it comes to deposit bonuses we think wagering requirements are the second most important factor, followed by the rest of the terms. If it is a non-sticky bonus or a parachute bonus, this is not as important, but lower wagering requirements are always preferable. 35x is considered normal for a casino bonus.
  • Matched percentage. It’s always interesting to see with how many percentages they will match your deposit. Usually, the higher the percentage the higher the wagering requirements will be.
  • Matched amount. How much will they match? This is also something interesting to have a look at, and the same rule of thumb here – the more they match, the higher the wagering requirements will be.

What is Wagering Requirements and How Does it Work

So, there’s been a lot of talk about wagering requirements, but so far no further explanation. Now it’s time to get into a little more details about the wagering requirements.

The wagering requirements are the casino’s way to be able to give away a lot of money, without actually giving too much away. Let’s take an example with a 100% deposit bonus where you deposit $ 100. Wagering requirement x30 on the total amount

  • After depositing you will have $ 200 to play for.
  • The wagering requirement is x30. That means you have to wager a total of $ 6000 (200 times 30), it might sound like a lot and that’s because it is quite a lot.
  • How do you wager? Let’s say you want to play slots, then you need to spin 6000 times with a coin value of $ 1 before you can withdraw your money.
  • How is it possible to bet $ 6000 with $ 200? A normal slot game have an RTP (Return to player) of somewhere between 90-95%, some slot games goes as high as 97%. If the slot game were delivering a perfect average result you would lose 5 cents every time you bet $ 1 playing on a slot game with 95% RTP. But slot games are not designed that way, the volatility differs from quite high to a bit lower. So sometimes your bankroll might grow and sometimes it might go down. But every spin counts towards your wagering.

Hoping that you have a better understanding of how the wagering requirements work, we hope that you will have a better idea of when and what casino bonus to use.