Casinos Accepting CartaSi

CartaSi is an internet-based credit card company that mainly serves residents of Italy. You can apply for two types of credit cards from CartaSi – a regular credit card and a prepaid credit card. You can only use CartaSi to make online purchases or as a deposit method at an online casino of your choice.
There are more than 35 online casinos accepting CartaSi as a deposit method – most of them target Italian players. CartaSi is a very safe deposit method as it does not require you to provide any of your sensitive personal details or bank information.

How Does CartaSi Work?

CartaSi is exclusively available to residents of Italy. If you’re based in Italy and have a bank account in any of the Italian banks that are a part of the CartaSi network, then getting this card is very simple.
You will need to submit a simple application with your name and contact details and the bank account that you want to link to the CartaSi card. You can choose from the CartaSi prepaid card and credit card. The advantage of the prepaid card is that there is a limit on how much you can spend.
Depositing money with CartaSi is as easy as it gets. Just choose the credit card option from the website of the online casino and enter your CartaSi card details – the same as you would with any credit card. Once you click submit, the money is transferred almost immediately. This deposit method is safe, reliable and super fast.


Advantages of CartaSi

  • Easy to Use
    CartaSi is a very convenient deposit method and very easy to use. The application process is very simple and once you get the card, you can use it to send money to your casino account in the same manner as any Visa or MasterCard credit card. The money transfer is almost instant, and there is no risk of your funds getting stuck in the middle.
  • Secure
    CartaSi is a very secure deposit method, far more secure than a conventional credit card such as Visa or MasterCard because you can choose the bank account that you want to link with it. So, you can use a bank account with a limited balance, and not your primary account. Even if the casino was to get hacked and your information was to get stolen – which is unlikely – you won’t lose much.

Disadvantages of CartaSi

  • Secure, but not 100% Secure
    CartaSi is definitely secure, but it is still a credit card service, and hence not 100% secure. As with any credit card, you will be required to reveal critical payment details to the casino. This information stays with the casino. So if the casino was to get hacked, this data could get stolen. Always a risk: not a likely risk, but something that could happen.
  • Application Process Takes Time
    The application process for CartaSi is quite simple, but you will need to wait for at least a couple of business days or more to actually receive the card.