Lucky Days at the Casino

If you are one of those that have tried a lot of different online casinos and found out that you win more at a certain one or ones, and lose more often at others you are not alone! Is that because you have stumbled upon a rouge casino? Well maybe, but probably not! We will tell you why that is.

Lucky days online at the casino is exactly what this article is about – Luck! Most online casinos are not rogue neither are they rigged in the way you might think, that’s why we have covered this topic over here, Are Online Casinos Rigged? already – that article explains what’s going on behind the scene, but in this article, we are talking about what luck is, and that’s a much harder question to give a proper answer too since this requires to dive deeper on a philosophical level.

Also, we would like you to check out the new casino Lucky Days casino, which is all about luck. Luck is actually one of the most common words in casino names, and it keeps trending.

“Luck is the concept that defines the experience of notably positive, negative, or improbable events.”


Luck vs Coincidence

So luck is basically something unpredictable happening, but the line between luck and a coincidence is blurry, or might at least be debatable.

Let’s say a guy drops a bill in the street and you find it. Most people would see that as a lucky day for him or her (and some but not most will see it as an unlucky day for the guy that lost his bill), but was it really luck or a coincidence? One can even argue that everything was actually meant to happen from the beginning and is just a series of events.

“Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

Our interpretation of luck is something that happens and that is completely unpredictable – and winning at an online casino is close to pure luck and unpredictable, almost – in an article later on we will cover ways to predict or at least increase your odds playing certain casino games – but for now we will keep to the true random games such as online slots.


If you have read our previous article about how casinos are designed to make you loose you have already heard about the RNG, Random Numbers Generator. An RNG, Random Numbers Genrator, is exactly what it sounds like – it’s something that creates a random number that is, or at least should, be impossible to predict. Fact is that it’s impossible to create a truly random number, but it’s possible to create something that is impossible for a human to predict, especially without knowing how the RNG is designed.

Let’s look at an example on how an RNG might be working. In this part we might get a little too technical, but bare with us – it won’t take long.

So one way to create a random number is to find something that is not constant and modify with something else that is not constant. You could look at the time for example, and multiply the current minute with the current second in an hour. From the first handful of numbers it would look random, but it wouldn’t take a clever gambler to reverse engineer such algorithm.

Therefore it wouldn’t really be considered random, and a software provider would never get such basic RNG approved.

Faked or Designed Randomness

Randomness is complicated. Sometimes people experience or look at true randomness and getting the feeling it was set up – or rigged if you want too.

This experiment is fairly easy to do on your own. Go get a normal six sided dice. Roll the dice six times and take notes of the numbers the dice is showing. Some of you might get one ones, two ones, three ones, four ones, five ones and a six ones. But most of you won’t!

Even though the probability of getting a one is 1/6 (or aproximately 16.66%) on a dice, the likeliness that it will be evenly distributed everytime is very unlikely.

The more times you roll the dices, you will see that the distribution of the numbers gets closer and closer to 1/6 or 16.66% per cent, per side on the dice.

But sometimes evenly distributed randomness is exactly what you want! For example if you have a playlist and press shuffle, you probably want the songs to come in random order – but you rarely want the same song to be played two, three or four times in a row – which is more than likely using true randomness. A lot of people would probably prefer all songs to be played before playing a song again.

With designed randomness it would be possible to give casino players the feeling of a lucky streak or make people to see patterns – making them think they are in control. This would be a great deal for the casino, but thankfully this is strictly prohibited – and controlled as long you are playing at a licensed and regulated casino!


So do you win more at some casinos and looser more at others? You might, but another player might have the complete opposite experience. And the longer you stay at the same casino you will see that you inital luck was just luck.